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Maintenance issues can be costly, especially when unexpected. At Steele’s Mechanical, we understand this and install reliable and energy-efficient systems designed
not to cut into your company’s bottom line. When your current system threatens to do just that, we can handle that as well, offering both service and maintenance solutions
to fit your schedule. Whether that’s monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, our service options ensure “factory-new” operation and extended equipment life.


Regular • Full-Serivce

HVAC Service and Maintenance:

Protect Your Investment

Your facility is one of your greatest financial assets. Our objective is to help you protect and preserve that asset by providing unmatched service and maintenance solutions for your facility’s mechanical systems. If a problem arises with your system, our expert technicians can quickly identify and resolve the issue to minimize down time. Our maintenance solutions perform much the same way — we perform regular inspections to detect potential issues, rectifying them before they transform into actual problems.


At the Heart of It All

Central plants are too often under-utilized, charged only with the simple task of maintaining a consistent water temperature. As experts in chillers, boilers, controls and system performance, Steele’s Mechanical recognizes this and utilizes our decades of experience to fully maximize the operational performance of your entire plant.

Unified Building Automations:

Operating from the Same Page

Buildings today come equipped with a wide-array of electronics to control various systems. As part of our continued commitment to our clients, we offer one of the most innovative advancements in building automation and control systems in the last decade: open control systems. The critical and effective integration and inter-operability these systems provide lowers costs, reduces emissions, and helps achieve the safety and comfort of all whom occupy your facility. We understand the importance of this and utilize the latest tools to create a streamlined, unified platform, easily managed in real-time using a standard web browser.

TAB and Commissioning: All Systems Go

No matter how well constructed or installed, systems almost never perform exactly as intended. Our TAB and Commissioning services can help countermand that.

TAB: Keeping It All in Line

It goes without saying that keeping your facility’s HVAC system in proper working order is critical. Our certified Test and Balance (TAB) partners first inspect your system with instruments meticulously calibrated to calculate the most accurate results possible. If your tech determines adjustments are required, they’ll do so precisely, leveraging their considerable expertise to bring your system back in line.

TAB Services Provided by TAB/NEBB Certified Partners

• Air and Water Balancing
• Comfort Balance and Service
• Fire Life Safety Compliance Testing

Commissioning: Give Your System the Once Over

At Steele’s Mechanical, we believe commissioning requires a thorough hands-on and collaborative approach that, ideally, includes performing or observing equipment startup whenever possible. We apply this approach throughout the entire commissioning phase from start-up services for new installations to one year post construction. It is our goal to quickly and efficiently identify and resolve even the most challenging commissioning problems in order to ensure your facility’s systems are functioning at optimum capacity.

Building Performance: Functionality In-Line

No one understands better than us that mechanical systems are complex. That is why we partner closely with our clients to develop solutions that achieve their energy management goals.

Energy Efficiency: Minimizing Waste, Maximizing Performance

For every project we undertake, we strive to be as efficient possible. We apply that same principle when we develop building automation concepts, focusing our attention on making your facility’s work as efficiently as they can. Whether you’ve engaged our services to conduct preliminary and investment grade audits or air/hydronic balancing, we do whatever it takes to make a difference in your energy savings.

Controls: System Management Improved

Without a doubt, the foundation of a good controls system is programming. Our engineering partners and programmers possess a thorough understanding of the mechanical systems we work on and understand how any change — however small — can affect the system as a whole. That is why we spend whatever time is necessary to ensure our clients’ systems are operating at the highest level.

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